'Putting Fish & Chips back on the Menu'

Susan Ord the Business Owner of Land & Sea Fish & Chip Shop who is allergic to fish has never had Fish & Chips in her life, so when her next door neighbour who has Coeliac Disease approached her to see if her shop could provide Gluten & Wheat-Free Fish & Chips she was inspired by the idea!


Many customers had asked before in the past about providing Gluten-Free Fish & Chips but because our industry knew so little about it posed quite a challenge, first of all to find a batter mix suitable for deep frying but also a supplier. Neither were easy to find with only one supplier in Scotland willing to supply, not only that, it was apparent that there was not even a batter mix on the market specifically for frying.

Undetered by this Susan launched the first ever dedicated gluten & wheat-free Fish & Chip Day in February 2004 and was a hugh success with people from all over Scotland on a snowy winters day. They are still held on the 1st Saturday of every month from 12pm till 2.30pm.

All Glu-2-Go products holds the cross grain symbol for quality assurance. At last the opportunity to enjoy all your favourites again such as Battered Haddock, Cod, Chicken, Onion Rings and many more!

It is Susan's vision to put Fish & Chips back on the menu for everyone - well except for Susan that is. Help us make it a thing of the past by raising awareness with your local quality Fish & Chip Shop. Glu-2-Go Fish & Chip Shop Batter Mix is available to all Chippies in the UK via their mainstream suppliers. Get them on board and ask them to consider providing a gluten free service - they need to hear it from you - the customer!

A 'Good Practice Guide for Caterers' is available to help them understand about Coeliac Disease, the cross contamination issues and get how to produce Gluten & Wheat-Free Fish & Chips!


Together we can 'Put Fish & Chips back on the menu' for Everyone!

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has supported
Land & Sea Fish & Chip Shop in their Quest.